Chairman's Newsletter

Chairman's Newsletter


As our glorious summer slides into autumn, I thought I should chat about some of the advances that the Management Committee and other volunteers have been bringing about to improve our already highly successful Club.

First, I’d like to say a big thank you to each person who has helped, organised, offered positive feedback or given their time to enhance things for the members. Without them, we’d be lost.

Since last December I’ve learnt a huge amount about how the club works and how much has already been achieved and I’m proud to help organise the even more exciting prospects ahead.

Our Teams continue to do well in Surrey under the leadership of our Team Captains. We again had highly successful LTA, Aegon, Winter and Summer Tournaments – a huge thank you, Jon and Catherine. Membership enquiry numbers are up again. Our membership is active, growing and the standard of play is getting better all the time. The extra coaching effort we now have is working very well and coaching hours are up. Sophie and her team have staged some super Socials. Mark, our groundsman, does an excellent job in keeping the fences up, the courts playable and the clay out of the clubhouse. Our new AstroTurf meadow by the patio has seen a lot of relaxed action and the flowerbeds and hanging baskets look superb. Well done to Dom, the gardeners and waterers. The clubhouse is now in the spick and span hands of a cleaning company - thank you Tony G. Apple Pay and contactless can be used at the bar, with a new tab and voucher scheme coming. Thank you to Mike C for keeping the shutters open.

We have successfully moved over to our new bespoke booking and payments system and website. We’ve purposely built in the potential to expand its capabilities and automation. This will hopefully absorb some of the time pressure the committee has been under and make things easier for members. It will now allow us to accept online payment for membership, social events, light fees and coaching sessions. Booking in, forgotten passwords and signing up for Leagues are now simpler. That we have achieved this at a very low cost is due to the extraordinary amount of time and effort put into the project by our Comms Officer, Kat Winn. We cannot thank her enough for all her hard work. If you see her at the club, buy her a drink – she more than deserves it!

Penny has been working like a Trojan behind the scenes and has made great progress with vital issues such as insurance and safeguarding – and many thanks to VJ for her inestimable help on the latter.

Major strides forward have been made to improve relations with our neighbours, including the Bowls Club. We have been approached to see whether we would like to take over the green they do not use! There are many issues to sort out but we are investigating them as we speak.

I want to use this opportunity to say that the Committee are aware of the enormous esteem in which Barry was held. His decision to retire for health reasons is a great loss to us. He has said he doesn’t regret his decision although he does greatly miss all the friends he has made over the years here. The Committee would like to organise a social event for him and more will follow about this.

Finally, on your behalf, I would like to express my thanks to all the Committee members Gareth, Dom, Sophie, Kat, Mike, Penny, Amir, Laura, Anna, Stewart and John for the enormous amount of time and effort you have put in to enable the club run successfully.

I know there are more people to thank and more successes I could write about, but that’s enough from me for now!

All best wishes,

Martin Goodwin, Chairman. September 2018