Competitive team tennis is a major ingredient to the success and longevity of a thriving club.  At MPLTC we have a comprehensive team structure in place.  Team tennis is played throughout the year.  We have 7 men's teams and 5 ladies' teams playing in various leagues including Surrey and National leagues.  We also have 4 mixed teams and a variety of men's and ladies' vets teams.  We always welcome new players who would like to join our teams provided the required standard is met.  All team players and prospective team players are encouraged to come down to social tennis on the weekends and Wednesdays nights.  A ladies and men's team captain is elected onto the committee annually and is responsible for team selection twice a year.  Our current team captains are Amir and Laura. 


To be selected for a team you must first come and attend the weekend social sessions which are consistently attended by many team players from all the different teams.  If you are of the relevant standard required for team play, you will be spotted and your name passed on to the Men's or Ladies' Team Captain.  They will then ask you to attend the appropriate team practice for your level on Monday or Tuesday and subsequently you will be placed in the relevant squad.  We also have reserves.



Men's Team Tennis: currently we have 7 teams in the Surrey league, 2 teams in the AEGON national league, 1 45 and over vets team and 1 55 and over vets team. Matches are played predominantly on the weekend and consist of 2 doubles pairs who play 2 matches each. We have a strong section at MPLTC. Our depth is our greatest strength which is evident by all our teams competing in high divisions of the Surrey league. Competition for places is fierce but if you meet the standard you will be included in the squads. Team practice is held every Tuesday night from 8pm until 10pm.

Ladies' Team Tennis: The ladies at MPLTC have 5 teams in the Surrey Leagues, 4 midweek teams and 4 midweek vets teams. The teams play throughout the year with matches being played at the weekend. The teams have had great success recently. A number of teams have been promoted to higher divisions. The ladies have one AEGON team playing in the Summer session which involves playing singles and doubles against another club in the league. The main teams practice session is on a Monday night from 7pm to 8.30pm. The midweek team practice session is held on a Wednesday between 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm.

Mixed Team Tennis: Currently we have 4 teams in the Surrey league. Mixed matches run only throughout the Summer season and are played on weekday evenings. They consist of 2 doubles pairs playing the best of 2 set matches with a championship tie break deciding set with a sudden death deuce rule applied to every game. The Mixed Teams are decided by the Men’s and Ladies’ Team Captains.